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How to check

How to be sure that a you will receive a 100% handmade oil painting:

1) Ask the seller if they can provide you with a photo of the process of creating the painting at an early stage as in the example below:

process image process image 2

2) A real painting cannot cost $200 USD: Expenses of an oil painting on canvas:

Delivery Cost ($35 USD) Etsy/PayPal Commission – 15% ($30 USD) Cost of Canvas and Materials ($50 USD) Marketing – 20% ($45 USD) Fees/Duties – 15% ($30 USD)

We don’t use a printer

All painting are 100% handmade

process icon

Tracking of the creative process (photos & videos)

True oil paintings!

Real oil painting on canvas

compare image

Print on canvas with added oil

compare image 2

How to distinguish a real painting from print on canvas with added oil:

1) In the print most of the painting ‘s space is flat, and only minor parts are painted with oil (in the example with a boy, only the eyes is painted by oil). But it is still just a photo on canvas, not art.

2) The print doesn’t have any texture, dynamics. That’s why it is not interesting for our eyes. The real painting is full of texture, dynamics, shadows. We can consider the art for a long time. The real oil painting captures. The real painting is alive.

3) The pritnt’s canvas is very grainy, because no need to prime the canvas before printing. The cloth for handmade oil painting with good taste must be Cotton or Linen. We use Cotton.

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