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How can I trust you?

I use PayPal service. PayPal protects customers. If a customer didn't get an item or it is broken, PayPal will refund money. 100% of my customers are more than happy!

Could you make changes color of clothes, put a smile from another photo, combine a few photos into one painting?

Yes, of course, I can change almost any part of the painting: face, clothes, work with the skin, weight, etc. We can also combine several photos into one painting.

How long does it take to produce a painting and deliver it?

Usually, the producing of the painting takes up to 10 days from the time of order, but sometimes about two weeks, when a large load. Delivery is 2-3 weeks if it is not December holidays.

I want to order a painting of what I should do?

1) Send me a message with a photo (a few photos) and your thoughts of the great portrait. 2) You will get a few options for the painting and my comments. We will discuss all the details of your portrait. 3) I will list the item for your with 50% or 100% of the price (as you wish) 4) You will get photos of the process (30% 60% 70%) 5) When the painting is complete, and you love it, we will send it to you. 6) You will get a tracking number of your shipping. 7) You will get the painting after 3-4 weeks od the beginning of the process.

How can I be sure that my oil painting is handwork?

When we start to make your painting, we will send you photos of the process, which shows you that the painting is 100% handmade. And the process will guarantee that you will get what you want to get.

What can be the customs duty for a painting?

If you live in the US, then there will be no problems with customs for you. up to 2000$ you can import any goods and not pay a fee. In some of the EU countries, you may have to pay 7% of the cost of the picture (only one customer from Germany paid these fees). But you can say that the picture is a gift and not pay 7%. My clients do that.

Could you make a painting from an old photo and paint it in colors?

Yes, sure. Send the photo.

Could I get a refund for a custom painting?

Firstly I want to say that we didn't have these cases in our jobe, all customers can write their feedback, and we got only positive feedback (we cannot delete any feedbacks) Unfortunately, we cannot make a refund for custom painting, and the artist spent a lot of time to make the painting for you. You control the process of the creation through photos of the process. I will send you it. Thank you.

    Add a photo (photos), including your ideas of a great portrait. You will get a reply to your email in a few hours.

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