How can I guarantee that my oil painting is 100% handmade and not printed?

You will receive photos of the painting process, which shows that your painting is 100% handmade and confirms that we are going in the right direction.
There are only three ways to determine if a painting is printed or handmade:
1) Receive photos (which you will)
2) Receive a video of the process
3) Check after delivery


Could you change the color of clothes or make a compilation oil painting? Can you go from a black and white photo to a colored oil painting?

Yes, of course, we can change almost any aspect of the subject(s) in the painting, including the face, clothes, skin, weight, etc. We can also combine several photos into one painting. For example, look at these sections:
Old photos to oil painting.
Compilation oil painting.


Will the painting be ready to hang on my wall upon delivery?

Yes, the painting will be mounted on a wooden subframe, not rolled in a tube. You can buy an additional frame for almost any size.
Find frames here.


How do you pack the painting?

For paintings without an additional frame, we use five-layer cardboard. For paintings with additional frames, we build huge boxes for shipping.


What are the customs duties for a painting?

We don’t collect any fees. Etsy collects 4-6% (depending on your state or country). Some European countries have taxes of more than 4-6%.


How long does it take to create and deliver a painting?

Usually, the production of each painting takes between 10 to 18 days (depending on the size, technical tasks, etc.) Standard shipping takes between 15 to 40 days. Standard shipping may be delayed from September to December. We also offer express seven-day shipping.


What is the style of paintings made by Sambanis.art?

Your painting can be any mix of impressionism and realism. We can also create Renaissance-style oil paintings. Not every artist can create a real Renaissance painting, but we can!


I want to order a painting. What are the next steps?

1) Send us a message with a photo (or a few photos) and your thoughts on your portrait.
2) You will receive a few options for the painting and my comments. We will discuss all the details of your portrait.
3) You can pay a deposit (50%) or pay 100% upfront.
4) You will get photos of the process (30%-50%) to prove that the painting is 100% handmade!
5) When the painting is complete and you confirm that you love it, we will send it to you.
6) You will receive a tracking number for your shipment.
7) Shipping takes 7 to 40 days (depending on the shipment method).


Safe Deal

Sambanis.art uses PayPal.
PayPal is a major company that protects its customers.
If a customer does not receive their item or it arrives broken, PayPal will refund the money.
100% of my customers are happy!


Could I get a refund for a custom painting?

First, I want to clarify that we have never received a request for a refund in all our time selling custom paintings. All of our customers can write their feedback and, as you can see, we have only received positive feedback (we cannot delete any reviews).
Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund for a custom painting, as the artist spent a lot of time making the painting just for you.
You control the process of creation thanks to the photos you receive.
We will make you happy, as we have made thousands of previous customers before you.
Thank you!


Add a photo (photos), including your ideas of a great portrait. You will get a few options for the painting and our comments. You will get an answer in a few hours.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. Max size 10mb You can upload up to 3 files.