About us


We are Sambanis.ART is an independent community of artists created by a professional art dealer with a degree in Art Management.

Aleksandr Sambanis is the leader and ideologist of our community. He has developed an author’s system for checking the quality of each picture released under the Sambanis.ART trademark. This system includes checking key elements, such as facial features, color dynamics, coloring, and other components that distinguish an average painting from a work of art.

Thanks to a clear understanding of tasks and high requirements for the quality of each painter’s work, Alexander managed to unite a large community of artists, which has provided customers with delight and joy through their work for five years. All paintings we create are made fully by hand without using a printer or other auxiliary tools.


When the painting is ordered, the artist’s task is to finish it as soon as possible and move on to the next one. At the 20th hour of work, eyes become tired, vision begins to blur, and important features disappear (the human factor). The art dealer’s task is to objectively check each work to ensure perfection. Thanks to this cooperation, we guarantee the quality of each painting written by our artists. Our 100% satisfied customer reviews confirm this.





Price Benefit

Since most of our performers are located in Eastern Europe, we can provide high-quality services at a great price (in the US market, this kind of work is estimated to be four times more expensive).

Quality Control

Our community has been on the market for over five years. We value our clients and strictly monitor compliance with internal quality standards while honoring an individual approach to each client.

We put our soul into each painting

After all, we know for sure that each painting hand-drawn by our artists is not just decoration for your home, but a representation of warm memories that will remain with you and your loved ones for many years!

Yours faithfully,
Aleksandr and the Sambanis.ART

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